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Sand washer,Sand washing machine, Sand washing equipment,Sand washer supplier,Mineral sand washer,China sand washers,Bucket sand washer

Author: HXJQTime: 2/21/2012 12:22:11 AM

Sand washer:Sand washer is one of the Sand washing machine of Hongxing Sand washer supplier. It is a efficiency Sand Washing Machine,combined with domestic actual situation of sand and gravel industry, It has the characters of a high degree of cleaning, reasonable structure, large output and a small loss of sand during the washing. In particular, its rotating parts are isolated from the water and sand, so its failure rate is Significantly lower than the current commonly used spiral sand washing machine, It is the best choice to upgrade the domestic sand washing Industry.

Features of sand washer machine

1. High cleaning;

2. Reasonable structure;

3. High capacity and low power consumption;

4. With the three functions of sand washing, grading and dehydration;

5. The sand washing machine is 15° Tilted layout;

6. The spiral is driven by motor and decelerator to continuously rotate, and the sand or small ores can be stirred and washed.

Application of sand washer machine

Being an important sand washing machine, it is widely used for sand washing, grading and dehydration in the fields of construction site, hydropower station and concrete dam sites, etc.This Sand washing equipment is mainly used for sand factory ,electric pole factory,worksite of building and concrete dam to wash ,classifying and de-watering various sands.

Types of China sand washer:China sand washers include Mineral sand washer,Bucket sand washer ,etc

Mineral sand washer description:Sand washer is used for removing dust in sand. It aims at improving the quality of sand.


Mineral sand washer Machine


Mineral sand washer advantages: reasonable structure, high efficiency, and little sand loss during washing; the most favorable factor is that the transmission device isolates with sand and water, which greatly reduces the failure rate. This sand washer is the perfect equipment for domestic sand wash industry

Bucket sand washer :XS series Sand washing machine is a bucket wheel washing equipment. Mainly used for washing and dehydration of building-architectural sand etc.They have the advantages :reasonable structure ,easy maintenance .


Bucket sand washer


Bucket sand washer Features and advantages

1.Simple in structure, convenient in maintenance,

2.Large capacity, low power consumption,

3.Delicating use is low,low cost.

Mineral sand washer Machine Operating Principle

Sand washing machinery drives the impeller in the water groove to move like a circle transmitted by electric motor and decelerator, and then mixes, overturns, cleans and discharges the sand or slag pellets in the water groove.

1. It is of simple structure. The bearing device of impeller drive is separated from water and materials with water, to avoid in a large degree that the bearings are damaged by being soaked with water, sand or some polluted things.

2. When it is used for cleaning sand in quarries, it has many advantages compared with the traditional spiral one.

3.There is little loss for medium-sized and fine sand and stone powder. The grade and the fineness of the sand for construction after being washed can be up to the national standards, such as sand for construction and cobble and broken stones for construction.

4. There are no other wearing parts except the screen mesh.5.It features long service life and few times for maintenance