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Problems Help Jaw Crushers to Make Progress

Author: HXJQTime: 10/19/2014 8:07:38 PM

There exist some deficiencies and flaws in the jaw crusher manufacturing process.

jaw crusher

1.Jaw crushers consume large amount of power and steel materials, so it’s hard to effectively realize energy saving.

2.The whole crushing procedure of jaw crusher is too simple to realize multi-functional breaking. When the jaw crusher works, it will receive many types of materials with multi-phases that are to be crushed. The traditional crushing technology is unable to separate these materials completely from their phases, thus causing over crushing problems which decreases the useful elements and leads to crushing wastes and resource waste.

3.When the compressive strength reaches certain limit during the crushing process of the jaw crusher, the crushing equipment will consume too much energy without realizing ideal crushing effect.

4.It’s hard for the jaw crusher to complete the ultrafine grinding process in current technological condition because we need multi-stage processing to crush materials. Since the entire crusher is a giant in size with too much weight, lots of areas and strong supporting base are needed during the installation process.

According to our experts, to optimize and upgrade the technology of the jaw crusher namely refers to increasing the service life and working efficiency of them. Facing so much fierce competition in the market, jaw crusher manufacturers will possibly catch up with the world development speed and take a large piece of share of the global market only by strengthening the innovation, improving the technical content and increasing the product quality.