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Why should Customers Choose Our Hammer Crusher?

Author: HXJQTime: 9/19/2014 7:25:51 PM

Our company is famous for manufacturing stone crushers especially the hammer crusher. Our hammer crusher has been popular among customers because it has adopted the latest technological innovation which has made it own more advantages than other crushers.

1.Saving much investment

By choosing our hammer crusher in their production line, customers no long need to buy other equipment like jaw crusher worth about 50 thousand yuan, screening machine worth 330 thousand yuan, belt conveyor worth 15 thousand yuan and dust collector worth 60 thousand yuan.

2.Shortening the changing and mending time for the crushing system

As the crushing procedure is cut short, there are only two or three sets of machines needed for the whole stone crushing line, which leads to low fault rate and short changing and mending time for the hammer crusher. Therefore, productivity and technology can both be guaranteed normally. At the same time, stand-by time of workers will also be decreased, thus realizing the high efficiency of the entire production line.

3.Little abrasion and long service life of striking parts

With new technology, striking parts of our hammer crusher like hammerhead and screening bars can perform quite well and effectively. The improving hammer crusher can realize super fine crushing of raw materials for about 20 tons without changing the striking parts during the working procedure, thus prolonging the normal production time and the hammer crusher’s service life. Compared with the traditional crushers, our latest hammer crusher features less abrasion, longer service life and higher yield.