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Impact Crushers Can Serve as Coal Crushing Machines

Author: HXJQTime: 6/5/2014 1:26:09 AM

As an international coal crusher manufacturer in China, we generally supply top quality crushing machines for customers. Our coal crusher has advantages of big crushing ratio, high production capacity, low energy price, and easy operation and maintenance.

Impact Crusher

Featuring energy-saving and environment protection, the coal crusher processing plants of our company have won a numbers of national patents, and the production technologies of coal ash can meet all kinds of demands. We are a trustworthy coal crusher manufacturer in China.

The coal crusher would be the primary crushing machine made use of in coal crushing plant. Coal crushing plant consist of numerous varieties of crushers, vibrating feeder, screen and grinding mills. According to the principle acting force of crushing components, they are roughly divided into compressive crusher, impact crusher, shear-type crusher, rotary crusher, and cone crusher. Among them, impact crushers are the most popular ones.

Impact crushers mostly consist of impact crusher, ring-hammer-type crusher, etc. The working principle of the impact crusher is briefly as follows: inside the crusher, by using the run-up hammer blowing, materials fly to effect plate as high speed, influence, and reverse impact; meanwhile, crusher components effect and crush with others in cavity, and then the components get reduced by the movement of striking blade and effect plate. With bad controllability, this system will make huge coal ash; it's even worse for coal of low hardness and high brittleness. Also, it isn't suitable for the rough and secondary crushing process. However, it really is appropriate to become adopted in the crashing course.