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Technical Research and Development Will Make Difference

Author: HXJQTime: 5/13/2014 6:48:26 PM

Our company which is devoted to the heavy mining machinery manufacturing has been a large scale private enterprise combining the scientific research, production and sales. In order to complete the hi-tech product research, the company keeps increasing the investment in the technological transformation. We aim to speed up the research and development pace, realize the large scale production of the mining machines and establish the international brand of our own.

Moreover, our company possesses a group of experienced and skillful sales members and a complete sales service network which can provide customers with pre-sales and after sales services and technological support. In order to handle the financial crisis, the company introduces the advanced technologies from many developed countries such as the USA, Germany, Japan and Australia to assist ourselves to set up the world class production line and modernized detection base.

It’s the core task for our company to focus on the combination of the production, learning and research of our mining machines. We have signed the cooperation contract with many famous universities in China and hope to learn from each other in the aspects of developing environment protective, high efficient and energy saving machinery. The strong technological and talent support will help to realize a win-win result for both the company and the colleges.

Our company pays much attention to the innovation of new products and technologies, so we have made a lot of national utility model patents. We believe that through years’ trial and error we will make difference in the mining machinery manufacturing industry.