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How Do Chinese Enterprises Improve Efficiency of Jaw Crushers?

Author: HXJQTime: 4/8/2014 6:12:42 PM

The rapidly growing economy in China drives many industries to develop at the same time at high speed and the domestic market has a great demand for crushers such as jaw crushers. So how do Chinese enterprises improve jaw crushers’ efficiency? Here our experts will show you the details.

jaw crusher

1. Sorting is the first key step. When choosing materials, we need to pay attention to the hardness of the materials. It’s difficult for the crusher to break hard materials and serious abrasion will happen to the crushing equipment. Therefore, it’s important to select the materials with proper hardness.

2. The humidity of the materials is also a key factor that influences the jaw crusher’s performance. When there is a large amount of moisture contained in the materials, it’s easy for the materials to stick to the inside wall of the crusher. And blocking problems will happen to the crusher during the transportation of the materials. So we must think out ways to reduce the water content of the materials in order to make the crusher work normally.

3. If there are a lot of fine powders mixing in the materials that are to be crushed, it will cause damage to the crushing process because the fine powder may attach to the crusher internal wall and influence the conveying procedure. Therefore, it may be helpful for users to screen the materials before they are to be crushed.

4. Viscosity of the materials also plays an important role for the crushing process.

5. The wear resistance of the components and parts of the crushing equipment has much effect on the normal performance. If the parts of the crushers like hammer and jaw plate have good abrasive resistance, the crusher will surely work quite efficiently; vice versa.