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The Production Line of Crushers Needs People’s Attention

Author: HXJQTime: 2/23/2014 8:18:58 PM

Crushers are the most popular crushing machines widely applied by many countries in different industries. The Chinese crushers are also favored by customers because of its good quality and low price. Our company keeps introducing new technology and improving the crushers’ performance to push the whole sand making industry forward. The operation and maintenance of the crushers are important during the production process. Therefore, we need to pay much attention to the operation steps.

We should check if there is abrasion in the machine so that we will guarantee the smooth work of the crushers. If there is abnormal condition, we should shut down the machine and clean up the materials inside the crusher cavity. When materials enter the cavity of the crushers, we should pay attention to the distributed condition and hardness of the materials.

Jaw crushers are the representative machines applied in the mining, metallurgy, construction materials, highway, and railway and water conservancy. The crushing process is divided to two types: rough crushing and fine crushing. It adopts the advanced international crushing technology and combines the domestic crusher working principle. We successfully invent the new generation of crushers with the advantages of high reduction ratio, high production, simple structure, reliable performance and easy maintenance.

The usually seen cases of the crushers are the blocking situations. To avoid these results, we should make sure that the crusher has a proper revolution and in actual practice, we need to adjust the size of the discharging hole for materials to pass. Pay attention to the above problems, users will operate the crushers in a safe and high efficient way.