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Time for Crusher Technological Innovation to Take another Step

Author: HXJQTime: 2/17/2014 6:01:40 PM

A new year has come and for the crusher industry a new move should be made about the innovation of the crusher technology. The technological innovation has always been a tough issue for all machinery manufacturers which need not only enough time but also energy. The machinery company should combine the market demand with the technological development trend considering the current mining machinery development situation.


It’s a tough task for a company even a research organization to complete a new achievement about the crusher technology. We should not only catch up with the world’s most advanced technological trend but also need long range sight and specified plans to practice step by step. A research and development center can only work smoothly when the scientific research resources and capital are arranged properly.

At present, there are only a small number of mining machinery companies in China who can manufacture crushers with high quality, production and technology. The foreign enterprises can produce enough advanced crushers but their products are sold with high price and need too much investment which is not practical for the domestic companies. The Chinese crusher manufacturers find the best way for themselves to develop the crushing industry in the domestic market and the international market.

In the year of 2014, our company will take another step to make breakthrough on the innovation of the crusher technology and try best to perform well in the fierce completion of crushing equipment. We aim to transform to a high end internationalized crushing enterprise in the world.