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Chinese Mining Machinery Faces Intelligent Development Opportunity

Author: HXJQTime: 2/7/2014 10:31:46 PM

To transform to the large scale enterprises has been the latest developing trend for the mining machinery products. This urgent demand not only guarantees the stability of the mining industry but also guarantees the working efficiency, which helps save the manufacturing cost. The mining machinery will go on the intelligent development mode in order to increase the future production efficiency and help the domestic mining machinery march to the high end group. This is the inevitable requirement to strengthen the competitiveness.

As automatic equipment, the robot wins the world’s attention and praise by its excellent performance. The complete set of automatic production line of robots is taking the lead in the development direction for the other machines in industries. Robots are widely applied in many industries like manufacturing, military, outer space and entertainment.

To do research and development on the manufacturing robots will be the key step to realize the domestic industrial transformation. The increasing labor resource cost and decreasing robot price will gradually make the ordinary robots’ economical efficiency to go up very fast. The economical crisis facing the domestic manufacturing industry forces the robot industry to widen its range of application.

China has become the second largest robot market in the world, but the robot holding quantity per capita is quite poor compared with the developed countries such as Japan, Korea, Germany and America. In a few years, China will remain the increasing speed of 20% on average each year. We aim to be the largest global robot market. It’s also reported that the government will promote the robots’ application in the national public security field. For example, we will create the security and relief robot, the energy protection robot and the emergency rescue robot that will be used in dangerous situations in different industries.