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Processing Method for Improper Operation of Raymond Mill

Author: HXJQTime: 12/9/2013 7:36:18 PM

Raymond grinder mill, also known as Raymond mill, widely used for a variety of fine ore preparation and pulverized coal preparation, such as the powder processing of ore, gypsum and coal, and the fineness of the product varies between 250-325 meshes, and the product fineness and yield can be adjusted in the operation.

raymond mill

Any mechanical device will cause problems when running, and Raymond mill is often subject to high temperature in the production process. The relation between operation and lubrication of Raymond mill: So far, many enterprises nationwide are lack of awareness of the lubrication. On the troubleshooting, look more mechanical reasons are found on operation, not the lubrication, so production works of repair and replacement of parts has become a business.

According to the relevant statistics, at least more than 60% failure is caused by improper maintenance of oil and petroleum products. 80% industrial and mining enterprises have no staff and facilities in this area, so they use oil based on feeling, or even touch and see.

For nearly half a century, the facilities are constantly updated, and single capacity and working conditions of mechanical parameters are growing. According to statistics, over the past half century, the speed, load and temperature of mechanical precision have increased in a dozen times, while the oil equipment is consistent for many years. Lubrication, mechanical seal is linked. Good lubrication condition has to be supported the use of mechanical equipment. If the sealing of Raymond grinder mill or Raymond mill is bad, everything is empty.