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Disposal Methods and Comprehensive Utilization of Tailing

Author: HXJQTime: 11/23/2013 12:14:17 AM

The author believes that rational screening of tailings, cyclic utilization and sustainability is absolutely the most direct reflection in screening utilization of tailings. Hongxing Machinery once wrote an article concerned a municipal e-waste treatment useful for materials selection. At present, the current comprehensive utilization of tailing resources at home and abroad can be summarized in the following ways:

Utilization of Tailing

(1) Firstly, try to do comprehensive recycle utilization of useful component of tailing resources, use tailings recovery machine with advanced technology and reasonable process to separate useful components in tailings, which can further reduce the amount of tailings.

(2) Use tailings as filling material in underground mining. Tailings can be used as filling material used, and the ideal filling technology is full tailings filling technology, but it is still in the study stage. Tailings used in production can be used as GOB filling material. This method of tailings disposal has been applied both at home and abroad, and is an easier tailings separating method.

(3) Use tailings as raw material of building materials: The production of cement, silicate sand aerated concrete, bricks, tiles, cast stone, refractory, glass, ceramic, concrete aggregate, glass-ceramic, foam glass and foam materials requires stone containing a certain amount of silica sand, and tailings are the first choice.

(4) Use tailings in construction of roads, pavement materials, anti-slip material, marine garden making and so on.

(5) Cover earth on tailing land to make garden, for planting crops or trees.

(6) Stone tailings in specialized tailings impoundment, which is current the most widely used method of tailings disposal.

Tailings are very beautiful materials, and Hongxing Machinery believes that “tailings” would find places to play light and heat if you study carefully.