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Several Ways to Improve the Productivity of Cement Mill

Author: HXJQTime: 10/31/2013 5:24:51 PM

In the cement production process, cement mill is one of the key equipment, and the ability of the cement mill determines the efficiency of subsequent job. In order to ensure normal production of the entire cement production lines, the productive capacity of cement ball mill must be guaranteed. From the items below, the author will make an analysis in terms of three ways of raw material, cement mill structure, new technologies and other aspects, to increase production capacity of cement mill.

cement mill

1) Raw materials

If the to be grinded material has great fragility and is easy to grind, the productivity will be high; or the production capacity will be low. If the to be grinded material has large particle size, the first cabin of cement mill must be mounted more large steel balls, which can make the grinding media to crush material, so working in the first cabin of cement mill is like crushing work in crushers to a certain extent, resulting in not reasonable grinding process. Therefore, decrease the particle size of to be grinded materials can increase the production capacity and lower power consumption of cement mill. Evenly feeding with proper feeding amount also can increase the productivity of cement mill.

2) Structure of the cement mill

Length to diameter ratio of cement mill is related to the production mode. For the partition plate form of cement mill, the number and size of grate hole on partition plate should be properly. The surface shape of cement mill liners also has great effect on the output of cement mill, because it can change the lift height of grinding media, that is, change the impact and efficiency of grinding material. So, users should properly select liners form.

3) New technologies

Many new technologies, such as automatic control of grinding systems, enhanced ventilation, water spraying, grinding with grinding media, can increase the productivity of cement mill.