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Notes on the Installation of Jaw Crusher for the First Time

Author: HXJQTime: 9/6/2013 5:55:53 PM

Jaw crusher is mainly used for coarse and medium crushing in mining, building material, infrastructure and other industries. Jaw crusher can be divided into three types according to the width of the feeding mouth, namely, large, medium and small crushers. If the width of feeding mouth is bigger than 600 mm, it is large crusher; if between 300mm and 600mm, it is medium crusher; if smaller than 300 mm, it is small jaw crusher. Jaw structure has such advantages as simple structure, easy manufacture, reliable working condition and convenient use and maintenance. Jaw crusher works mainly depending on two jaw plates, one is the fixed jaw plate (fixed jaw) which is vertically (or the upper end is slightly extroversive) fixed on the front wall of the crusher and the other is a movable jaw plate (movable jaw) which is tilted, and it forms crushing cavity with the fixed plate. Movable jaw plate does periodic reciprocating motion facing fixed jaw plate, and sometimes they separate with each other, sometimes they approach each other. When separating, materials go into crushing cavity, and finished products are discharged from the bottom; when approaching, materials between two jaw plates are squeezed, bent, fractured and crushed.

jaw crusher

Jaw crusher can be divided into simple pendulum jaw crusher, complex pendulum jaw crusher and compound pendulum jaw crusher according to the different pendulum ways of movable jaw plate. In the process of removing trouble, it is common to find hammer slice crusher which is maintained and initially installed vibrating fiercely in its test running. The situation is caused by the following several reasons.

(1) Check the installation situation of hammer slices in the process of assembling, and make sure there is no installation error. When turning the direction of hammer slice, in order to prevent the weight of rotor from losing balance, all the hammer slices in crusher must change their direction, or strong vibration will occur during operation.

(2) When the weight difference between the two corresponding groups of hammer slices is more than 5 grams, we need to adjust the weight of hammer slices and reduce the difference to less than 5 grams.

(3) Some hammer slices are too tight and cannot operate freely. Then we can turn down the machine and rotate it by hand, and find a way to make it rotate flexibly.

(4) When the weight of other parts on the rotor loses balance, we need to check carefully and adjust the unbalanced parts respectively.

(5) When main shaft suffers from bending and deformation, straightening or replacement are good ways to solve the problem.

(6) When the bearing clearance exceeds its limitation or the bearing is broke, a new one is often used to replace it.