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Security Technical Specifications of High Frequency Screen

Author: HXJQTime: 6/16/2013 5:33:33 PM

1. General requirements: 

1) Operators must go through this type of professional, technical and security training and examination, operators failed to the examination can’t operate the high frequency screen.
2) Operators must be familiar with the structure, performance, working principle and correct operation method of the high frequency screen, understand the causes and prevention measures of common accidents, strict implementation of the safety regulations, technology, procedures, personal responsibility, succession systems, and other relevant provisions.
3) Operators must be familiar with the pipeline’s location and function, and correct order of opening and stopping the high frequency screen.
4) Operators must wear the necessary labor protection products when in work.

high frequency screen

2. Safety requirements:

1) The high frequency screen should be starting with no load.
2) When the high-frequency screen is running, staff must not jump to the screen surface, stop the machine before cleaning sieve and dealing with incidents.

3. Getting ready for a drive:

1) Before starting the high frequency screen, check if the screen surface is free of debris and slime, if screening surface is without damage, and if there is lump clogging on hopper.
2) Check if there is clogging on the sieve and drain discharge duct, repair it timely if found.
3) Leave the functioning parts of the high frequency screen while starting it, and monitor the starting operation of the equipment near the operating switch.

4. Process of unexpected failures:

1) During the running process, when the screen suddenly breaks or collapses of support network, timely close the feeding valve, increase the amount of processing of other machine to ensure coal washing properly.
2) During the running process, if the electromagnetic vibrator of the high frequency screen is overheating or exception occurs, stop the machine.

5. Considerations on stopping the machine:

1) Before stop the machine, empty material on screen surface, vibrate a period of time, vibrate out coarse material on the screen to prevent dehydration effect caused by sieve clogging effect.
2) Fill out log as required, doing shift work.