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Installation of Electromagnetic Vibrating Feeder

Author: HXJQTime: 6/9/2013 5:35:43 PM

     Before installation, please check whether the parts of electromagnetic vibrating feeder are missing or damaged, and read the instructions carefully. Roof bolt of spring board should be tightened again before installation; the wrench length is better to be 1.5 meters, or it will affect the tuning values of feeder.

electromagnetic vibrating feeder

(1) Air gap between iron core and armature of the electromagnetic vibrating feeder should be checked and adjusted to 1.9-2.2 MM to keep their surfaces parallel and clean; then tighten adjusting bolts and fastening screws of iron core one by one. Clamp bolt of coil also need to be tighten to prevent the coil loosing. 

(2) The electromagnetic vibrating feeder should be hung on the component which has enough stiffness by hoisting cable. Feeding chute and discharging chute that match with feeder trough should be leaved with certain gap to avoid affecting vibration and generating noise. Feeder chute is not allowed to have too much pressure cabin pressure on the chute, or it will reduce the amplitude of feeder and lower conveying speed.
(3) Having installed feeder in given position, please confirm the transverse direction of trough is horizontal, or it will offset to one side in delivery process of materials.
(4) Feeding machine and control box should be taken earth protection according to general electric design and installation procedures.
(5) After the installation of electromagnetic vibrating feeder, please lose the access scews in vibrators and upper and lower sides of shell, otherwise they will interfere with the vibration of feeder.