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Mechanical Feeder

Author: HXJQTime: 4/23/2013 5:35:39 PM


The mechanical feeder is the feeder machine in the general sense. Though they have different names, the nature and role is essentially the same. The feeder machine used in the mine is the device that sends the materials to the feeding equipment uniformly or quantitatively from the storage silo or other material storage devices, which is the necessary equipment to practice the automation of the line production.

feeder machine

Performance characteristics
1, reasonable and compact structure, stable vibration and stable performance.
2, continuous and uniform feeding and long service life.
3, impact resistance, large loading capacity and strong elasticity.
4, the intrinsic quality can be guaranteed after the precise machining of transmission parts.
5, low noise, low energy consumption, low operation and maintenance costs.
Regulation for safe operation
Firstly, the feeding machine should be installed in the fixed basis according to the required installation method. If there are several sets of feeders in the operation at the same time, there should be channel with certain width between the feeders. Secondly, before the operation of the feeders, the operator should make sure that the parts and carrying device are normal and the protective equipment is complete. The tension degree of the belt shall be adjusted to the proper level before the starting of the machine. Thirdly, the belt feeder should be started without load. The feeding can not be carried out until the operation is normal.