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Horizontal Kiln/ Horizontal Lime Kiln

Author: HXJQTime: 4/21/2013 5:46:19 PM

 The horizontal kiln that is also known as the horizontal lime kiln , which belongs to the class of building materials equipment. Its technical performance and operating condition largely determine the quality of the product, productivity and cost of enterprise. In the building materials industry, apart from the calcination of cement clinker, the rotary kiln can be also used to calcine clay, limestone and dry the slag and so on; in the production of refractory materials, the horizontal kiln is used for the calcination of raw materials to make its size stabile and increase its strength and then conduct the machine shaping process. In the beneficiation process, the users can use the rotary kiln to magnetic roasting the depleted iron ores so that the original weak magnetism of the ores can be changed into the strong magnetism to facilitate magnetic separation.

horizontal kiln

Technical features
1, the rolling and moving of the material is smooth and placid; the material layer is uniform and stable; the quality of clinker can be improved;
2, in the operation of the horizontal lime kiln, there is no need to change the existing process parameters, which will not consume any material, significantly improving the comprehensive economic efficiency;
3, the kiln lining, bearing bush, motor and the kiln body can be effectively protected, significantly extending the service life.
The classification of the rotary kiln: in accordance with the usage, the rotary kiln can be divided into cement rotary kiln , ceramic sand rotary kiln, kaolin rotary kiln, lime kiln; in accordance with the different effects of energy supply, it can be divided into gas rotary kiln, coal-fired rotary kiln, mixed fuel rotary kiln. In accordance with the different process, the rotary kiln can also be divided into wet and dry types rotary kiln, dry process rotary kiln, kiln dryer and so on.