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Stirring Tank

Author: HXJQTime: 4/14/2013 5:30:39 PM

     The purpose of mechanization of cement concrete mixer is to mix cement concrete,and the categories are more, classification and characteristics are as follows.

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   The cement stirring tank includes the power mechanism connected via a shaft with the drive mechanism and the drum, around the ring gear of the drum cylinder set, the gear is set with a ring gear engaging the drive shaft in the cylinder barrel Tops.It is featured by simple structure, reasonable, gear, ring gear, which can effectively overcome the slippage between the rain and fog weather, roller and mixer drum; between the transmission mechanism can further ensure the elimination of the roller and the mixer drum skidding.
Cement mixer - cement mixers classification:
     By the nature of the work, it is divided into batch (batch) and continuous type; by mixing principle, there are self-loading and compulsory; according to the installation, fixed and mobile two types; discharge, tipping and non-tipping;mixing drum structure, pear-drum, double cone, the disc vertical shaft and circular groove horizontal axis and so on.
1.The mixer should be set in a flat position, square wooden can pave the front and rear axles, the tire can rest on high overhead, so as not to start walking around
2.The mixer should implement the secondary leakage protection,the power is turned on before work, you must make double-check, the if empty commissioning ensures that it is qualified, you can use.Commissioning should be tested under the condition that mixing drum speed is appropriate, under normal circumstances, the the empty speed is(after charging) slightly faster 2-3 revolutions than cars with load.
3. The direction of rotation of the mixing drum should be consistent with the direction of the arrow, such as not real, electrical wiring should be corrected.
4.Check that if the drive clutch and brake is flexible and reliable, and if wire rope is damaged,if track pulley is good, if there are barriers and the lubrication conditions.
5.After turned on the device, you should always pay attention to the mixer operation, each component is functioning properly. After shutdown,you should always check whether the mixer blades bent,and if screws are knocked or loose.