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The Specific Operation of Calcinating Rotary Kiln

Author: HXJQTime: 4/9/2013 5:30:20 PM

 Working principle:

The calcinating rotary kiln is composed of the gas flow, fuel combustion, heat transfer and movement of materials. The rotary kiln is an equipment on how to make the fuel to fully burn fuel combustion and heat can be passed to the materials, the materials that receive heat happens a series of physical and chemical changes, and finally form a finished clinker.
calcinating rotary kiln
Structure features:
Rotary kiln is composed of cylinder, support means, drive means, the sealing means, the feeding apparatus and combustion apparatus, such as a rotary kiln is a circular cylinder, it is installed in the inclined number tugboat, after deceleration, the motor drives gear make rotary motion through the pinion gear.
calcining kiln overall adopts support structure, the tilt angle is adjustable within a certain range, compact structure, convenient adjustment, and it is equipped with a power outage automatic protection device.
The whole process of material calcined uses computer process control, accuracy of temperature control is ± 0.5% by adjusting the speed, angle and precise temperature control, and the calcining process needs to meet the various materials, which is widely used in electronics, building materials, mining, metallurgy and other industries of different materials calcined product.