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Operating Procedures of Akinsclassifier

Author: HXJQTime: 4/7/2013 5:56:02 PM

 First, preparation before starting akinsclassifier .

1. The machine does not allow heavy start; before the start, the screw should be lifted 200 to 300 m.
2. Tank slag accumulation, broken ball must be cleaned regularly.
Second, check before starting:
1. The reduction gear oil is sufficient.
2. The gear pair is refueling and gear pair meshing is good.
3. The motor bearings should be lubricated. 
4. All bolts and the top wire are tightened.
5. The coupling is intact.
6. If spiral blade is broken, whether the lining iron is worn out and if the blade bracket is severely deformed.
7. If spiral tail is raised.
8. The voltage meter is normal; the electrical switch is good; protection device is properly connected.
Third, operation methods:
One, the order of operation
1. After receiving the starting signal, the operator should inform the next process. 
2. Close the switch, press the start button to start the main motor.
3. Start boost motor, slow the spiral slowly.
4. Gradually feed the mining, water supply.
Two, parking sequence
1. Stop feeding the mining, water supply.
2. Stop the main motor after finishing the ore stirring.
3. Start the lift motor and lift the screw.
Three, operation monitoring
1. All ammeter, voltmeter, voltage, current are normal
2. Each bearing pad temperature should be not higher than 60 ° C.
3. Back mine mouth has no plug, no plot mine.
4. Various operation parts have no abnormal sound, no rattle.