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To Analyze Five Development Trends of Magnetic Separator

Author: HXJQTime: 3/27/2013 6:09:31 PM

 1, the refinement of magnetic separator
Taking the actual need of the mineral magnetic separation into consideration, the ore beneficiation equipment manufacturers not only make efforts to expand the equipment handling capacity, but also pay more attention to the fine design of the magnetic separation equipment. In the design of the magnetic system, the manufacturers introduce more high-performance permanent magnet materials as well as optimize the structural design of the magnetic system and add the auxiliary magnetic system to reduce magnetic flux leakage phenomenon at the maximum and improve the accuracy of mineral separation.
2, the proprietary of the magnetic separation equipment
The constant expanding of the range of applications of the magnetic separator and the improvement of the refinement degree of mineral separation promote that it is widely used in various fields according to the separation characteristics, expanding the application fields.

magnetic separator

3, the large scale of the equipment
Due to the rapid development of the mining business as well as the increase in demand for mineral resources, mining equipment manufacturing industry also continues to expand. It is difficult to adapt to the gradual expansion of mine production capacity for the common equipment. The mining equipment manufacturers are dedicated to the production of large-scale magnetic separator.
4, the update of the equipment
With the development of social science and technology, the emergence of high-performance permanent magnetic materials, the increasingly complex machining technology, the constant improvement of the assembly technology and the promotion of the automation and control technology, it accelerates the update of the magnetic separation equipment further.
5, the automation of the equipment
The development of the automation technology accelerates the development of the industrial development, especially the increase in productivity. Therefore, the automation technology of the magnetic separator should be continuously strengthened to meet the production needs of the mining enterprises.