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Introduction of HPC220 gravel production line

Author: HXJQTime: 3/8/2013 6:04:37 PM

 Customer situation

The company mainly supplies stones, mixing station of mechanism sand , They brought two sets of equipment from our company. HPC220 gravel production line can be applied to different cone crusher production lines。
Production situation
Daily operating time: about 7 hours
Feeding materials:Cobblestone with less than 200mm particle size
Finished goods: stones with 16 ~ 30mm particle size, stones are less 5mm than mechanism sand.
HPC220 gravel production line

cone crusher

1. Cone crusher 

sand maker

2.  sand maker

vibrating screen

3. vibrating screen

sand washer

4.  sand washer

Customer feedback
     Our local stone market is good, so the running stability of the equipment is more important than anything. The wearable pieces of hongxing equipment are of excellent quality, and maintenance operations are so convenient, and basically company has no need to send a technician to our own company. We can complete it independently in accordance with the operating manual. The yield also fully reaches our expectation, and profit is fine. The several counterparts near our company visited us and booked hongxing equipment.
Production flow chart
gravel production line
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