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The Development Course of Vibrating Screen

Author: HXJQTime: 3/6/2013 5:38:52 PM

      The demand of industrial growth for the variety and quality of the vibrating screen are rising ever higher, so that the growth of the sand making equipment gets to a new stage, now vibrating screen is toward the development direction of lightweight, environmentally friendly, simple structure.

     It develops toward high efficiency and high yield: industrial contemporary process promotes the expansion of enterprise, sand making equipment production skills are greatly improved, the necessary efficient and high screening machine are a complete device.
     We strive to move forward standardization, serialization, universal growth: It is easy to plan, construct specialized production, including quality and low-cost way. According to different activities trajectory of vibrating screen, accept different screening essentials, and for special economic needs,we manufacture all kinds of vibration screening equipment for various situations, and it is widely used in the industrial department.
vibrating screen
     In the industrial sectors of metallurgy, concentrator widely accept vibrating screen pre-screening and confiscated screening equipment to improve concentrate grade products, vibration intensity increases:sieve machine vibration process is gradually strengthened, namely to improve the vibration parameters of the screening machine, in order to achieve greater speed and acceleration.
     We tend to the direction of light, environmental protection, simplified layout growth: a long time ago, old-fashioned vibrating screen, screen changer is specially inconvenient, Network bolts also take a very long period of time for a network, and high-mesh powder easily from the bolt leaked out. Vibrating screen will be replaced after a long time operation, and low working efficiency directly affects production. The vibration sieve improves production skills and screening efficiency by its characteristics.