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The Elements Need Consideration of Vibrating Feeder

Author: HXJQTime: 2/27/2013 6:33:55 PM

 In the production process, the vibrating feeder can be used to convey the materials from the storage silo to the feeding device uniformly, timely and continuously. In the production, it usually works with the vibrating screen and conveyor equipment to realize the completion of the entire production. Vibrating feeder is widely used in metallurgy, coal mining, mineral processing, building materials, chemicals, abrasives and other industries. When selecting the vibrating feeder, the users have to consider the following aspects:

vibrating feeder

The service conditions of the vibrating feeder:
The altitude should be not over 1000 meters, ambient temperature does not exceed ± 40 ℃; when the ambient temperature is at (20 ± 5) ° C, the relative temperature of the surrounding medium should not be greater than 85% and there is no medium that has serious corrosion and affect the electrical insulation around.
The maximum feeding particle size of the vibrating feeder:
In general, in order to prevent causing blockage, the maximum line size of the materials should be only 1/3-1/4 of the slot width. The users should pay special attention to closed tank.
The frequent start of the vibrating feeder:
The so-called frequent startup of the vibrating feeder generally refers to the interval time of every two start-up is less than 2min. In this case, the larger vibration motor should be used.
The speed control of the vibrating feeder:
There are often certain requirements of the throughput (regular change) in the terms of the process. As for the throughput, there will be some changes due to the influence of the moisture content of the material, clay content, particle size, voltage fluctuations and other factors. Therefore, the speed control is necessary.