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Crusher Enters the Low Carbon Era

Author: HXJQTime: 2/18/2013 5:40:47 PM

With the changes in the environment, pollution is more serious, businesses are beginning to study low-carbon research, low-carbon has become the development trend of the crusher field.

The experts of Henan Hongxing Machinery industry pointed out that: At present, China's  crushing equipment has strict requirements for environmental protection, and the traditional crusher with large noise and energy consumption has no longer catch up the pace of development of modern times. However, with the continuous technology innovation, the noise of modern crusher is lower than that of traditional crusher, and also the power consumption is greatly reduced, and the degree of fragmentation of the material is also more fine, which further narrowed the chance of material rework again. Industry breakthrough promotes the development of new technologies, which has gradually reached a "low-carbon" requirements.

We continue to emphasize "green", in fact, to sum up, it is  about the "low-carbon." Although the "low-carbon is the emerging product of economic development, but it is one topic that we are concerned about for a long time. Low-carbon economy is not just a problem that our country faces, but also a global problem; low-carbon development is both a specific technical and creative problem, but also a matter of the most important issue of the mode of economic development. Faced with the rapid pace of development of the economy, we can read, low-carbon development is not only related to the "people's livelihood", also about the "national planning".

The members of the NPC examine and discuss the government work report; development model of low-carbon economy is a "tough fight", but also a "protracted war". This fully shows that the development of low-carbon economy still has a long road to go, a very difficult task but is prosperous, we must spare no effort to do it well. To develop low-carbon circular economy, we must create a new economic evaluation system, it is the only way to change the local government idea that blindly pursue GDP growth and ignore the environment price.  For the crusher industry, in order to develop low-carbon economy, the most important aspects is efficient disposable crushing, so it not only can save the unnecessary consumption of resources in secondary crushing, but also to achieve a high efficiency of production. And the use of the crusher greatly reduces the exploitation of natural sand, which not only protect the natural resources and the environment for human survival, but also in line with the sustainable development strategy.