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Four Characteristics of New Dry Cement Production

Author: HXJQTime: 2/17/2013 6:18:01 PM

The new dry cement production has four characteristics: large equipment, energy-saving technology, automatic management, environmental protection and ecology. It has formed the distinct contrast with the traditional wet rotary kiln production.

The four characteristics of new dry cement production are:

1, large cement equipment
Currently, the 10000 t / d cement clinker burning system has appeared in the world, the 5000 t / d, 10,000 t / d clinker production line that the domestic cement Industry Design Institute designed has reached and produced. According to the country's industrial policy, the new dry cement kiln at least is above 2000 t / d clinker, large scale is an inevitable trend. The large-scale equipment can greatly improve the efficiency of cement production, and create conditions for the cement to enter the international market.

2, energy-saving production process
under the condition that the preheater cannot increase the total pressure loss (or slightly increase), allowing the system clinker heat efficiency increased to 60%; calciner can improve structure, or take various measures to improve the residence time of raw material in the furnace, so making the fuel full combusted in the furnace and enhancing the decomposition rate of the material into the kiln; cooling machine can be targeted to allocate an appropriate amount of cooling air to achieve efficient cooling a certain amount of clinker with a minimum of cooling air and reach the purpose of efficient heat recovery and so on.

3, automatic operation management
In recent years, due to the rapid development of technology computer control technology, communications technology, and graphical display, DCS this decentralized control and centralized management of distributed control system has been widely used in the cement industry. Using this system can achieve the motor group process control, the collection, processing, display and adjustment of the process, greatly improving labor productivity, and improve the management and operation of the factory level.