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Operational Links of Vertical Sand Maker is Key

Author: HXJQTime: 1/31/2013 10:44:18 PM

The impeller is an important part of the vertical sand maker, and it is also one of the most vulnerable parts, because material is dispensing launch vertical sand impeller, if you do not operate incorrectly, it is easy to cause that materials wear impeller, so we should be extra careful to prevent accidents during work and operations because of carelessness, which will cause a series of accidents in production. We know that vertical sand impeller is mounted on the upper end of the axis of the spindle assembly head away from the transmit button with tapered sleeve and key connection, high-speed rotation, and the materials enter the center of the impeller from of the impeller feeder center feeding tube. 

The material is accelerated to a certain speed by vertical sand impeller and then are projectile out, impact the the whirl crushing cavity lining, and then make strong self crushing between a cone cap of the impeller and the wear blocks fitted on downflow, thereby protecting it against wear. When the vertical sand making equipment stops running, it should be noted that: first stop feeding materials before discharging device, feeding should also be sustained uniform, the materials specification should be strict compliance with the requirements, or due to materials wear impeller.

Get rid of geographical restrictions . There is no need to depend on the water resources, thus widening the range, and also broke a water-dependent production limitations. Graded of artificial sand is more better. Because it can better reach the standard of the building, but also through the control of the content of the powder to increase the strength of concrete. Thus, we can understand the advantages of the artificial sand production line where its R & D is a good way for the system of sand, which can eliminate substandard condition of building sand.