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The Operation and Maintenance of Cement Rotating Dryer

Author: HXJQTime: 1/18/2013 5:34:02 PM

The main parts of cement rotating dryer include cylinder, front roller circle, rear roller rings, gears, gear roll, drag roller, pinion, discharging part, reducer, motor, hot air channel, feed chute and furnace part. It can be designed with gas generator, combustion chamber or supporting hoist, belt conveyor, quantitative feeder, cyclone and induced draft fan based on the needs of user.
Features of cement rotating dryer:
1. High degree of mechanization, large production capacity and continuous operation.
2. Excellent and simple structure, smooth running and easy operation.
3. Less failure, low maintenance costs and low power consumption.
4. Wide application and good dry product uniformity.
Operation and maintenance of cement rotating dryer:
1. The drying efficiency of cement rotating dryer largely depends on the quality of combustion chamber, thus, it is necessary to pay particular attention to the combustion chamber, blower and dust suction device in the operation of the dryer.
2. ignite the stove one hour before starting the dryer, check all ancillary equipment including various transmission part and support drag part of the dryer.
(A) Before igniting the stove, please check the stove, furnace grate, feeding device, combustion chamber, furnace slag, furnace door, air ducts, controlling valve and blower, dust collector, etc..
(B) Before turning on the dryer, please check fuel, tools and transmission carrier device, and lubricate all bearings and friction surfaces.
(C) Steps to start the dryer: first start the drying machine motor, then start equipment to transport wet materials, and finally start the equipment to transport dry materials so that form a continuous and uniform operating procedure.
3. during operation of the dryer, we should always check the temperature of each bearing and keep it not exceed 50 ° C; the gear sound should be smooth; drive, bracket and cylinder rotation should have no significant impact, vibration and transmission; in addition, we should also do good inspection, maintenance and repair work.