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The problems and approaches of rock impact crusher

Author: HXJQTime: 1/7/2013 6:08:21 PM

The rock impact crusher is a new generation product with optimized design; it absorbs the advantages of hammer crusher and impact crusher, having the following top ten advantages:

1, it has large feed opening and high crushing chamber, enabling to adapt to materials of high hardness and large block.

2, it has small power consumption. 

3, novel hammerhead has big impact. 

4, hammer shaft installation is adjustable, hammerhead has long service life. 

5, the grid size is adjustable, product particle size is controllable and particle shape is good. 

6, the chassis can be flipped, which makes maintenance more convenient. 

7, square shank has impact resistance and abrasion resistance. 

8, it has compact structure and strong rigidity. 

9, splicing structure makes handling and installation convenient. 

10, full-featured crushing effect, high production efficiency and small wear lead to significant comprehensive benefits. 

Problems and approaches 

1, the amount of vibration suddenly increases 


The rotor is not balanced when replace or mount plate hammer, 

Excessive wear of liner and board hammer causes too large gap; 


Adjust the clearance of front and rear counterattack racks or replace the liner and plate hammer. 

2, the internal machine generates percussion 


Non-breakable materials enter into the inside of machine; 

Plate fasteners looses and plate hammer impacts liner; 

The plate hammer or other parts are ruptured; 


Clean up the crushing chamber after stopping machine; 

Check the fastening of liner and the gap between plate hammer and liner; 

Replace ruptured pieces. 

3, the bearing temperature is too high 


Grease is excessive or inadequate; 

Grease is dirty; 

Bearing is damaged. 


Check whether the grease is appropriate; 

Replace grease after cleaning the bearing; 

Replace the bearings.