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The Performance of Grinding Medium

Author: HXJQTime: 1/6/2013 6:12:38 PM

The wet type rod mill occupies a great the status of in the rod mill and it can be comparable to the dry rod mill. There are some steel bars in the cylinder of the wet type rod mill to play the role of supporting the machine, which helps greatly for its development. In addition, its discharging port is large and the design is precise and reasonable. Currently, it is mainly used in the industry of the mine, chemical and architectural etc. 

Supported by the steel bars in the cylinder and driven by the motor, the hobbing of the wet type rod mill rotates. The grinding medium is lifted to a certain height under the role of the centrifugal force and the friction force and then it falls down. The wet type rod mill is featured with the following characteristics: (1) it can save the power; (2) the particle size is uniform and the yield is high; (3) the fineness is adjustable. 

The grinding medium of the rod mill is the steel bar. Generally, it is believed that the length of the steel bar should not be more than 7m. The too long grinding rod will be easy to cause the winding. Therefore, in the rod mill that is commonly used, the grinding rod is not too long and its diameter is about 75 ~ 150 millimeters. 

The grinding rods should have the sufficient stiffness and hardness so that it can remain straight without bending in the process. It should not be very brittle so that it will not become the fragments before it reaches to a sufficiently small diameter, but after the abrasion to the certain degree, it should be able to be broken into small blocks to be discharged from the rod mill. If the grinding rod is too soft, it will be easy to bend when the cylinder rotates. The bending will result in that the grinding rod is prematurely damaged and winded, which will cause the difficulties of cleaning up the rod mill, wasting the time.