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Cooling Machine Commonly Used in Fertilizer Production

Author: HXJQTime: 1/2/2013 5:39:46 AM

The cooling machine is commonly used in fertilizer production,  cooling fertilizer with certain temperature and particle size together with dryer. It can greatly improve the cooling rate, reduce labor intensity and improve production, to further remove part of the water and reduce the grain temperature of compound fertilizers. Meanwhile, it can also be used in cooling other powdered and granular material.

The cooling machine has obvious features of simple and compact structure, stable and reliable performance, easy operation, convenient maintenance, high cooling efficiency and great adaptability. After heat exchanging, the exhaust gas can be introduced to Rotary kiln, thus to improve the thermal efficiency of the whole system. Together used with rotary  dryer can improve the cooling speed greatly, so as to reduce the labor intensity and increase the output.

The cooling machine is one of the important equipment in many production lines system, which plays a role of cooling the clinker from 1000-1300℃ to 200℃, at the same time, improving the quality and grindability of the clinker. Through the charging apparatus, the hot clinker comes into the cooling machine, and then the cooling machine begins to rotate to make fully heat exchanging between material and air. At the same time, due to the incessant rotation of the kiln body, the material also does the periodic rotating in kiln body, so the material can be transported from the charging end to the discharging end to achieve the cooling from 1000-1300℃ to 200℃ during limited time.