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The Cylinder Rotary Kiln with Good Sealing Effect

Author: HXJQTime: 1/2/2013 5:31:30 AM

The cylinder rotary kiln has the features of simple structure, reliable operation, and high automatic control degree. The cylinder rotary kiln has an advanced preheating system, high kiln speed, and high unit volume production. The cylinder rotary kiln has a good seal effect, which can achieve the full use of waste heat; simple and effective dust extraction system, which can realize high working efficiency, low energy consumption, low running cost and high benefits.

Cylinder rotary kiln is one of the rotary kilns, which is mainly used for calcining cement clinker. It is the key equipment in dry process cement production line. The cylinder rotary kiln mainly consists of the cylinder, supporting device, wheel supporting device with gear, transmission device, lubricating device, active kiln front, sealing device of kiln end and other components.

The combustion of pulverized coal (gas) in rotary kiln generates the heat. The heat heats the material through the gas conduction or the radiation. At the same time, the kiln body keeps rotating in accordance with the inclination and the designed rotational speed. The raw material is also periodically tumbling forward in the kiln, so the material is transported from the charging port to the discharging port, which ensures that the raw material is calcined into the qualified clinker through passing the cylinder rotary kiln, to achieve the purposes of high yield, high quality and low energy consumption. The cylinder rotary kiln uses the heating method of concurrent, so when it works, the material will be fed into the barrel from the flow box, that is, the material will be pull back by the spiral lifting plate.