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The Special Design of Hammer Crusher

Author: HXJQTime: 1/1/2013 7:13:12 AM

The hammer crusher is a two-in-one crusher, it is designed specifically for crushing hardness of stone less than 200MPa and it can crush stone materials of less than 1000 mm into the minimum size of less than 40 mm. Concrete size can be adjusted according to customer requirements.

The working principle of hammer crusher:

Under the driving of rotor motor, it drives hammer to do directional high-speed circular motion. When the stone enter the crushing mouth, large stones piled up in a bear bar machine that is special set. The granularity of crushed materials is greater than the required particle size.

The performance characteristics of hammer crusher :

Crush large pieces of materials into fine material, instead of the jaw crusher.

Energy-saving, high yield, high profits.

95% materials are square shape, provided that the the stone hardness must be less than 200MPa

Following, I will introduce some unique features of hammer crusher that other manufacturers do not have.

Body experiences failure process, my company has specialized in handling the machine room.

The hammer plate surface adopts wear resistant welding rod, extend the life of the hammer plate. 

Sieve, retaining plate adopt the most scientific design to cast, and all these accessories are cast by our branch, so our accessories are ex-factory price with no agent price.

The behind of wallboard has side shield to further extend the life of the body.

The hammer crusher Scope:

It is apply to crush stone, brick that compression strength is not more than 200MPa. 

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