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Some Methods of Crushing Equipment Reducing the energy consumption

Author: HXJQTime: 12/29/2012 5:38:49 PM

Crushing and milling is the main influencing factor of dealing with ore, and the energy consumption is the major cost of crushing and milling. Here we will introduce some methods that how does the crushing machine reduce the energy consumption.

Usually, the energy consumption of ore beneficiation plant’s crushing operation (including screening and transportation) accounts for about 10% of the total energy consumption of the concentrator. Experts, based on the concept of pyramid broken theory, when granular materials account for more than 40% of the crushing volume, it can achieve fully laminated broken in the crushing process. Further, according to the extrusion crusher’s sufficient feed condition and feed hopper jaw’s uniform degree, when the material filling degree reaches 55%, it can completely satisfy the laminated broken requirements.

Laminated crushing way can achieve the energy-saving purpose of crushing equipment. Laminated crushing feed needs to meet certain conditions in order to maximize the energy utilization ratio of crushing machine, some research has shown that, when the granular material in the 6-10 layers, the energy-saving purpose of equipment is clear.

In general, feed equivalent particle size generally allows about half of the maximum feed size, so the feed material layer is about 2 layers. When the crusher’s clogging layer is 93 mm in height, the average particle size of the material can reach 9.45 mm, and thus the layer number of the feed material can be determined as 9.8 layers, clogging layer can achieve the requirements of the best feed material layers.

Thus we can easily find, in the crusher, the closer to the clogging layer material, more able to meet the requirements of the best feeding layer, so that the crusher can greatly realize the energy-saving purpose.

No matter what things always cannot be separated from its root. But if you develop the new energy-efficient crusher, must proceed from theory. Seen from single-particle crushing theory: when the once broken fragments of the single particle in the air impact the metal plate, it will obviously generate secondary crushing, a kinetic energy of broken fragments accounts for 45% of the total energy, if you can make full use of all the secondary broken crushing energy, you can improve the crushing efficiency.