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The Newly Upgraded Classifier

Author: HXJQTime: 12/28/2012 6:23:01 PM

Spiral classifier is widely used to shut minerals in the concentrator that form closed circuits process with ball mills or used in gravity concentrator to grade ore and fine mud and metal beneficiation process slurry particle size classification, and the job of washing off the mud, dehydration and other operations. The machine has a simple structure, reliable, easy to operate.

The performance characteristics of air classifier :

Large output, low energy consumption, high efficiency grading.

The granularity is concentrated: the machine uses original vertical impeller grading. Stable classification technology and special sealing measures can effectively prevent the leakage of the coarse-grained, grain granularity is not large and centralized, classification is accurate.

Reasonable structure: The size between 1 and 6 number can be produced according to user requirements, product. 

Applicability: It can form closed or open circuit operation through combining with a variety of mill (jet mill, mechanical grinding, ball mill, raymond mill, vibration mill)

The high degree of automation: impeller grading at all levels used all electronic frequency stepless speed, automatic cycle boxes of dust collection process electronically controlled, automatic cleaning improving the stability of the whole negative pressure.

(1) SF series sand powder separator is specifically used for the excessive powder separation of excessive powder in mechanisms sand dry production process, which can be very convenient to control the content of mechanisms gravel powder to meet the user's requirements.

(2) State-of-the-art technology, the process is simple, especially suitable for dry, medium-sized sand making production line. (3) 0.00 - 0.75mm powder content is adjustable between 2% and 15%.

(4) Powder quality is easy to control, the fineness adjustment is convenient, flexible and reliable. (5) The repair rate of tile lining is very low.

(6) Adopting control technology, the operation is more concise.