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Green Technology Meets the Needs of Times

Author: HXJQTime: 12/26/2012 2:53:54 AM

During the crushing process of river pebbles sand making machine, we iject the gravel to the high-speed rotation of the rotor, the aggregate obtain energy and then are thrown out to make collision with fixed plate, which generating energy conversion to achieve the principle of aggregate crushing. River gravel sand making machine adopts advanced lubrication and control system and scientific design concept, river gravel sand making machine has high reliability, large crushing ratio, strong processing power, high sand rate, and produced sand stone is uniform. The river gravel sand making machine can completely replace the rod mill from the effect of the production capacity, which is able to fully meet the requirements of the hydropower project construction.

Sand making machine has more than a hundred years of development history, but the level of economic development in different countries are different, and the needs are different, so sand making machine is different, there are differences in the development level of the sand making machine, The resources in China is rich, the demand for mining equipment is large, and we constantly increase the intensity of investment in grain sand making machine, combined with advanced foreign production experience, we complete the design, and improve the beneficiation efficiency, so the development of sand making machine has been moving to the direction of the large-scale, but also we pay more attention to the use of energy, resolve the problem of low efficiency, high energy consumption.

Research and application of sand optimal conditions, fill factor affect the efficiency of sand making machine. The factors includes simple and best structure, transmission way, ball size, ball ratio, speed, power, pay board and so on. These research results are to some extent saving the power consumption of the sand making machine, steel consumption has played an important role in the development of our national economy. Sand beneficiation has solved the difficulty of mine development for the majority of users.