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Author: HXJQTime: 11/7/2012 1:47:08 AM

Spiral classifier is one of the beneficiation devices. It makes mechanical classification of materials according to the different proportion of solid particles has different precipitation rate in the liquid. It can filtrate the material powder grinded by mill, and then the crude materials are screwed in mill feed inlet by rotary vane and the fine materials are discharged from the overflow tube. Spiral classifier can be pided into high weir single spiral and high weir double spiral, sunken single spiral and sunken double spiral types.


Combining with ball mill to form a closed circuit, the spiral classifier is widely used to process shunt mineral sands in the concentrator, to grade ore and fine mud in gravity concentrator, to classify the particle size of pulp in metal beneficiation process and to deslime and dehydrate water in washing job. The machine is characterized by simple structure, reliable working and easy operation. 


The classifier is mainly composed by the transmission device, spirochete, tank, lifting bodies, the lower bearing and the ore-discharging valve. 


1. It is used for separating excessive powder in dry type sand production, convenient to control powder content and meet the requirements of users. 

2. It is suitable for large and medium-sized dry type sand making production line. 

3. The powder content of 0.00-0.75 mm is adjustable between 2% -15%. 

4. Powder quality is easy to control, and fineness adjustment is convenient, flexible and reliable. 

5. Low maintenance ratio. 

6. Variable frequency control technology makes operation more concise.