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Design Methods of the New Flotation Machine

Author: HXJQTime: 11/6/2012 11:30:51 PM

In general, the development of the new flotation machine follows the geometric similarity of the structural components, the similar principles of the fluid dynamics of liquid flow structure and the train of thought to ensure the investment and the production costs of the large-volume flotation machine ideas. The large-volume flotation machine drew much attention from the 1990s. So far, the volume of the flotation cell has expanded to 300m³ to 500m³. However, in many cases, when the production companies expand the size of the impeller components and flotation value, the structure is not been adjusted. They often use the engineering design approach to solve problems based on the experience. In fact, the flotation machine should be adjusted according to the industry test design results. Since the flotation process is complex and there are a lot of affecting parameters, the design of the flotation machine has been still in the experience design stage. At present, there is no common design method at home and abroad. The large flotation machines are designed according to the working principles, structural characteristics and the processing requirements through the successful application of the small flotation machine in the industry.

The similar shape of the flotation machine can keep the similarity of the geometric shape of the flotation machine. In generally, when the flotation machine is amplified, the shape of the shape of the cell body is not require to be similar. However, the impeller should be similar, which is the premise for the similarity of the fluid dynamics parameters in the flotation cell. 

First, for the similarity of the geometry of the groove, you do not need to amplify the cell body mechanically when you simulative the amplification of the cell body according to the required volume of the flotation machine. You should fully consider the motion state of the flow in the large-volume flotation cell.

Second, for the similarity of the diameter of the impeller, the impeller is the main part of the mechanical mixing flotation machine, which can mix the slurry, circle slurry and disperse air. You should estimate the main operating parameters of the large-volume flotation machine according to the data of the small-scale flotation machine.