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The Features of Hongxing Rotary Screen

Author: HXJQTime: 11/1/2012 5:27:08 PM

Hongxing mining machinery is a professional stone crusher manufacture, its rotary screen has following features:

1. Strong adaptability to materials: rotary screen is widely used in all kinds of materials screening; whether for low quality coal, slime, soot, and other types of materials, it can carry out smooth screening.

2. simple and various feeding way: rotary screen feed inlet can be designed in accordance with the actual site; no matter by belts, funnel or other feeding way, materials can be smoothly fed without taking special measures. 

3. High screening efficiency: the device can be provided with the comb-shaped screen cleaning mechanism, the materials into the sieving cylinder regardless of how dirty or miscellaneous in the screening process can be sieved, thereby improving the screening efficiency of the device. 

4. Large sieving capacity and easy-to be large-scale: in the same size, the area of a circle is larger than that of other shape, so its effective screening area is larger and the material can be fully contacted with the screen, thus the sieving amount per unit time is large. Because of its simple structure, convenient layout, innovative technology, its scale is easy to be large. 

5. Small energy consumption: the motor power of rotary screen is small, which is only half to one-third of the other’s; with the same amount of materials, it takes only other half running time, therefore reducing energy consumption . 

6. Good working environment: the entire screening tube can be sealed by isolated cover, completely removing the dust flying in the screening cycle and massive sub splashing and avoid contaminating the working environment. 

7. Low noise: when rotary screen running, due to the slow rotation speed, and isolated by sealed isolation hood so that the noise could not be delivered to an external, thereby reducing equipment noise. 

8. Long service life and small amount of maintenance: rotary screen is composed by several circular ring networks, the total screening area is much larger than the other sieve screening area, plus high screening efficiency and short running time, and therefore it has a longer service life, less wearing parts and small amount of maintenance. 

9. Easy maintenance: the sealed isolation cover can be opened without affecting the normal operation of the machine, which makes maintenance very convenient.