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Limestone rod mill

Author: HXJQTime: 10/30/2012 6:32:51 PM

The limestone rod mill is composed of the following parts:

1. The tube: there is a hole in the tube for examining, repairing and changing liner.

2. Feeding part: used for feeding materials.

3. Discharging part: used for discharging proper product.

4. Main bearing part.

5. Transmission part.

Rotary rod mill can be divided into the left rotary and right rotary according to the requirement of process line.

limestone rod mill 

Working principle of the grinding rod mill

The motor drives the tube to do rotary motion by reducer; the ores are lifted to a certain height by friction force and centrifugal force when tube rotaries, and then be thrown and rushed down by gravity action so that ores can be crushed and grinded gradually. Crushed ores are discharged from discharging part .

The installation

The limestone rod mill should be installed on steady concrete groundwork, and the compression resistance of concentrate foundation should be more than 75%. Before installing, the quality of foundation should be examined so that the concentrate would not affect resistance, the quantity and location of prep hole should meet requirements and there is no dust in the prep hole. If adopts the ground wire method, we should prep bury the center label board on the surface of the basic. Before installation, all the center line should be remarked clearly on the center label board on the base to be used  as the neutral reference. 

Every part of limestone rod mill should be examined .Any questions should be dealt at once.