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aggregate mixer

Author: HXJQTime: 10/24/2012 6:45:03 PM

Aggregate mixer is the machine that is used for the stir and mix of a variety of raw materials to make the mixture or the products with suitable consistency as the shaft with a blade rotates in a cylinder or tank. The aggregate mixer is determined by a number of parameters; shaft power (P), blades drainage quantity (Q), pressure head (H), blade diameter (D) and agitation speed (N). They are the five basic parameters to describe a mixer. 

 aggregate mixer

Major categories

1, According to operating type: it can be divided into cycle operation and continuous operation type. 

2, According to mixing way, it can be divided into self-dumping mixing and forced mixing type. 

3, According to installation mode, it can be divided into fixed type and mobile type. 

4, According to discharging way, it can be divided into rollover type and non-tipping type. 

5, According to the mixing drum shape, it can be divided into pear-shaped type, drum type, double cone type, disc vertical shaft type and circular grooves lying shaft type. The former three types belong to self-dumping mixing and the latter two belong to forced mixing. 

6, According to mixing capacity, it can be divided into large (with discharge capacity of 1000 ~ 3000L), medium-sized (discharge capacity of 300 ~ 500L) and small (the discharge capacity of 50 ~ 250L). 

Operating rules 

1. the mixer should be set in a flat position, underlaying the front and rear axles with square wood to lift the tire position and avoid the moving around of the machine when it is started. 

2. the mixer should be imposed secondary leakage protection. 

3. the rotation direction of drum should be consistent with the direction of the arrow, otherwise, please correct motor wiring. 

4. check the flexibility and reliability of drive clutch and brake, the damage of the rope, the state of track pulley, the barrier around accessibility and the lubrication of every part. 

5,.pay attention to the normal functioning of various parts when it is running and always check whether the mixer blades is bent, screw is knocked out or loosen after stopping the machine. 

6. when the concrete mixing is complete or shutdown time of the machine is more than 1h, please weed out the excess stock . 

7. after shutting down the machine, please cut off the electricity supply and lock the switch box to ensure safety.