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plate chain bucket elevator

Author: HXJQTime: 10/18/2012 12:07:43 AM

NE plate chain bucket elevator adopts automatic flow loading and gravitational discharging. The chain is made of high-quality alloy steel high strength chain plate, which is wear-resistant and reliable. The machine is suitable for vertically transporting medium, chunky and abrasive nature materials whose temperature is below 250 ℃. 

The main structure

NE plate chain bucket elevator is composed by running part, driving unit, the upper unit, the central case and the lower part.

The running part--- composed by hopper and a dedicated chain plate, NE30 and lower adopts single-row chain, NE50 - NE800 adopt double chain.

Driving unit --- adopts multiple drive combo drive, the driving platform is equipped with overhaul frame and railings.

The upper device --- equipped with track (double chain) and backstop; discharging spout is equipped with rubber sheet to avoid material feeding back.

The central case --- Part of the intermediate section is equipped with a track (double-stranded) to prevent the chain swing in working process.

The lower part --- installed with automatic tensioning device. 

Main features

1. Wide lift area. It has less requirements on the types, features and blocks degree of objects, powdery, granular and abrasive materials are allowed.

2. Large conveying capacity. Transmission capacity is up to 15m 3 / h-800m 3 / h.

3. Low energy consumption. Theoretical calculations axis rate is 25% -45% of the chain elevator.

4. Long life. The service life of the conveyor chain is over five years.

5. High lifting height, low hoisting chain speed and smooth operation.

6. Small mechanical dimensions.

7. Reliable operation, good sealing and less environmental pollution.

8. Easy operation, less maintenance and less wearing parts.