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How crusher industry survives in depression period

Author: HXJQTime: 10/5/2012 5:13:42 PM

In the context of the economic downturn, what crusher manufacturers can do is on the one hand to strengthen cooperation with various countries, as well as the domestic region, on the other hand, we must cultivate internal strength to increase our own hardware and software innovations in technology and upgrading of the equipment, as well as good corporate culture and the training of employees, improving the overall quality of the leadership. 

Software factors:

1, treat science and technology as the guide, increasing the proportion of scientific and technological content in the enterprise, really shifted to technology-based track, avoid previously catching with the market.

2, improve staff training and leadership quality. Only continue to improve the operation of the staff level can we produce higher-quality equipment and win in the fierce competition by quality. 

Hardware factors: 

1, weed out of the backward products and develop the strongest demand equipment on the market. Of course, this was done by a software technology. In different historical conditions, the demand for equipment are certainly different, we should keep up with the pace of the times. 

2, upgrade the product and readjust industrial structure. For example, Hongxing machine, which  is a professional dryer machine manufacture, timely combines with the analysis of customer's consideration of the proposals and peer their own research and development of the third generation sand maker

Life lies in movement; similarly, the development of an enterprise is also lie in the continuous improvement! Whether the economy shuffle or economic crisis, if enterprises want to survive, they need to grasp both software and hardware factors, take innovation and get new opportunities!