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Analysis on the Control over Temperature during the Operation

Author: HXJQTime: 9/25/2012 6:00:57 PM

As for the temperature control of the cement rotary kiln during operation, aiming at intelligently controlling the working parameters of rotary kiln, research is mainly focused on the rotary speed, the motion of materials, the burning, and the flow of air, which can influence the temperature and energy consumption of the rotary kiln. Obtained by controlling the rotary kiln coal feeding amount of air flow, the rotary kiln speed can effectively control the temperature of the rotary kiln on the basis of analysis of factors that affect the temperature of rotary kiln.

Targeted in the operation of the rotary temperature control, paper to design intelligent control of rotary kiln system operating parameters as the target, the rotary speed, movement of materials, fuel combustion, gas flow, such as the impact of rotary furnace temperature and energy consumption a major factor in the study .In the analysis of factors affect the rotary temperature control on the basis of obtained by controlling the amount of coal fed rotary, air rotary and rotary speed can effectively control the temperature; 

 Rotary kiln is core equipment of cement, metallurgy, chemical industry production process, including limestone rotary kiln production within the parameters of the kiln heat balance control, and is the impact of cement production, quality and energy consumption a key factor. As a result of the production process of cement rotary kilns with a large inertia, time delay, characterized by strong coupling, the traditional PID control difficult to achieve precise control of their process, many companies still rely mainly on-site work experience operators adjust the process parameters. 

  In the cement industry, rotary kiln is one of important equipments used to calcine cement clinker. The whole procedure of cement production can be concluded into three procedures: two grinding and one calcine. Two grinding means the grinding process of raw materials and cement, and one calcine means to calcine the raw materials with cement rotary kiln.