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Hongxing speeds up upgrading by technological innovation

Author: HXJQTime: 9/24/2012 5:54:13 PM

 Mining machinery industry gradually begins to speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading by technological innovation. Green building materials has become a major issue for China's urbanization and urban development field; it is also the important task of the science and technology to strengthen the people's livelihood. In order to improve the universal low-carbon environmental awareness, and promote social and energy-saving and emission reduction, the government has taken a series of standardized measures for green building materials, energy-efficient building. At the same time, the mining machinery industry also gradually begins to take technological innovation, speed up industrial restructuring and upgrading, integrate into the future trend of environmental protection of the building materials market.

Judged according to foreign reports, the demand for wood materials to a growth rate of 10% per annum in North American and Western European countries,; it is expected that after a few years, these new materials will replace traditional wood building materials market and grow at a faster speed. In the case of new materials continue to be familiar with consumers, the business should continues to accelerate the improvement of the product appearance, the fusion of advanced technology and the expansion of the field, and gradually set off a wind of environmentally friendly green building materials. 

In the domestic market, limited by cost, market and technical barriers, the market prices are high, the overall technical level of product is low, which serious impede the promotion of green building materials market. In the low carbon era, green building materials is the inevitable result of the market development; as a result, building materials enterprises need both the innovation and development of its own, but also need advanced equipment applications, thereby creating unlimited potential for development of the industry. 

New energy saving and environmental protection building materials will become the main trend of the industry in the future, its advantages of health, environmental protection, security makes it increasingly popular, and provide an opportunity for the coming of new building materials era . Through technical innovation,jaw breaker,cone crusher and belt conveyor produced by Hongxing machinery improves work efficiency, not only with excellent quality, high efficiency, low energy consumption and less pollution, but also conform to environment tide of energy-efficient and low-carbon.