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ore beneficiation

Author: HXJQTime: 9/21/2012 2:06:17 AM

A large part of mine cost is from ore beneficiation. Cutting the cost of ore beneficiation is the most important to reduce the mine costs. The cost for the ore beneficiation is mainly constituted by the preliminary mine infrastructure costs and post-commissioning operating costs. For now mining enterprises, reasonable concentrator design and equipment selection is a good way to save beneficiation costs.

Ore beneficiation is the way economically and effectively separate useful minerals from gangue or impurities in physical and chemical methods to meet the demands of smelter or other users. The ore beneficiation plant design is a whole design based on the ore beneficiation process. The rational design of ore beneficiation plant can reduce the initial investment of the overall construction. For example, the choice of the site should have less land acquisition and build demolition, which can largely reduce sums of land compensation and relocation burden. If the plant is set into a hillside, and ensure that the pulp can artesian, the transportation costs will reduce significantly.

The best solution is to delegate this work to experienced design agencies or companies with strong research and design capacity. The ore beneficiation plant design is a whole design based on the ore beneficiation process.

For the small and medium-sized mining enterprises whose capital and technology are relative lack, relegated the basic construction of the mine to experienced mining engineering is a good choice. Mining and Construction general contractor can make overall design including dressing experiment, plant construction, equipment manufacturing and installation, and other necessary link , and can co-ordinate the arrangements for the entire mine construction. Mine owners can even transfer design, equipment procurement, construction, and the whole project to the qualified status of mining engineering contracting companies, make them control of project budget, and get a reasonable arrangement.