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The development of construction waste recycling

Author: HXJQTime: 9/19/2012 6:58:44 PM

 Recently, the construction waste disposal has become a hot topic in the construction machinery industry, especially the birth of the first private resources-recycling enterprise takes construction waste disposal equipment into the climax, at the same time, construction waste disposal equipment becomes market's darling overnight.

With the rise of the Chinese economy in the world, China implemented the widest range of engineering construction since it’s founded; the western building, high-speed rail construction, new rural construction-- land of China whipped up a wave of reconstruction wind. But this tornado also bring to new problems for the process of construction, solid waste that produced in demolition of existing homes and new home decoration, especially construction waste has become a major obstacle to the construction high-speed develop. With the accelerated pace of construction, the growth rate of construction waste is shocking, various cities, including Beijing and even appear the danger of a garbage siege, the land waste and environment pollution have brought great harm to the people's production and life. Under the current circumstances, the construction waste disposal becomes a problem to put on the development agenda. 

Crushing and screening equipment is an essential weapon effectively dispose construction waste problem. Crushing and screening equipment in China can be said to have gone through several stages of development. Zhengzhou Hongxing Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is China's largest producers of mobile crusher; at first in order to solve the problem of complex environment and multi-device applications, Zhengzhou Hongxing produced fixed crusher station, but it has large area, high costs, not suitable for the era requirements. To this end, after tireless study and research, Zhengzhou Hongxing develops mobile crusher station, its efficiency and operating costs are better than fixed crusher station at the same level or a higher level. Its strong mobility, low transportation costs, and the integration of the entire unit operating have more direct and more effective advantages, so it becomes a rare good helper in construction, mining and construction site. 

With the continuous commitment and support of the country, the construction waste disposal is becoming a sunrise industry with bright market prospects, Zhengzhou Hongxing will use efficient equipment to create a high quality re- use product for construction waste disposal, and realize our green, healthy and sustainable development.