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How to Effectively Reduce Impact of Sand Production

Author: HXJQTime: 9/14/2012 5:30:45 PM

In the construction projects, a lot of mining resources are exploited to beused for processing concrete aggregate. However, in the process of mining and processing, it is easy to damage the natural environment, human production and living environment, including the destruction of security and stability of the hillsides body, destruction of the vegetation, the dust generated in the screening process, the noise and the wastewater.

The environmental protection is China's basic national policy. For the artificial aggregate production required by engineering construction, we should take full account of the technical solutions that are conducive to the environmental protection. We should make full use of the useful material of the waste slag produced in the engineering excavation to process concrete aggregate and try to reduce the mining range of the mountain farm materials so that the resource development and the natural environment tend to be harmony and unified. In terms of the planning and design of the field of mining materials, we should select the mining area with large useful reserves but small area. In addition, we should put forward the specific requirements and supporting methods to deal with the slope stability of the mining areas to prevent the destabilization of the mountain caused by improper mining design. The waste slag generated in the mining process should be stocked in a proper place with good drainage and protection design.

In the crushing and screening process of the aggregate, in order to ensure the quality of the finished aggregate and reduce processing costs, we should select reasonable ways according to the different characteristics and scales of the raw materials for processing. The crushing of the aggregate will produce a lot of dust and noise. The vibrating screen and vibrating feeder drive the exciter for straight line or circular motion. The beating of the material on the screen surface and the mechanical movement of the screening machine will produce noise. Therefore, we must control and reduce the production of pollution on the environment.

First, we should select crusher with perfect performance and low center of gravity to control the noise to a minimum from the source control.

Second, in terms of the sieve, we should try to choose the polyurethane screen with good damping effect.

Third, we should increase the concept of environmental protection and popularize the knowledge of environmental protection.