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We always hold that the service standard of “users' demand is orientation to implement the service management, users’ satisfaction is goal to carry out the brand service”. And the service spirits of “enthusiasm, servant and faithfulness” should run through the whole service system. Working hard for making specialty classic, to make our persistent pursuit of “establishing Hongxing Brand, satisfying customers” come true.

Green industry and internalization is the strategic thought of Hongxing.Hongxing tries best to integrate the advanced technology,excellent talents and advanced concept into the company development,which give support to the pace,strategy and development of Hongxing’s internalization and make our business partners using most suitable Hongxing’s product.

Based on the excellent technology and predominant performance,Hongxing dedicates to the construction of country’s economy,meanwhile,Hongxing is marching to the world,seeking the new development space in the world for establishing the multinational corporation.